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Available Rebates and Manufacture Promotions:

Save hundreds of dollars by accessing special incentives and rebate programs. We can help you save and make your dollars go farther. See below for more detailed information.

Program details and applications forms will be available on our website starting May 14, 2018 or at We encourage customers to apply online for rebates to be processed in 6-8 weeks; mail-in and emailed applications can take much more time.

Available Rebates Include:

(Only one rebate per dwelling allowed; Rebate will be applied as a bill credit on your gas bill):

  • 97-99% AFUE Furnace (Uo to $700)
  • 95-97% AFUE Furnace (Up to $500)
  • Furnace and fireplace ($50)
  • Boiler and fireplace ($50)
  • Furnace only ($25)
  • Boiler only ($25)
  • Fireplace only ($25)
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