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Available Rebates and Manufacture Promotions:

Save hundreds of dollars over the course of the year by accessing special incentives and rebate programs. We can help you save and make your dollars go farther. See below for more detailed information.

The most up to date information on rebates, incentives and promotions can be found at We encourage customers to visit Fortis BC for current offers, detailed information, terms and conditions.

Current Promotions as of January, 2021:

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Natural Gas Furnace Replace your old natural gas furnace with an eligible ENERGY STAR® model and you could qualify for a rebate of up to $1,000.
  • Thermostat Rebate  install an eligible connected thermostat, you could be qualify for an additional $150 rebate.
  • Air Source Heat Pump – Variable Speed Mini Split (single head installation) (HSPF ≥10.00, Region IV, SEER ≥18) (Up to $1,000)
  • Air Source Heat Pump – Variable Speed Central System (HSPF ≥9.30, Region IV, SEER≥16), “Tier 2” (Up to $2,000)
  • Home Reno Bonus Rebates (Up to $2,300)
  • Natural Gas Fireplace Rebate (Up to $300)
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